Tim Shepherd, Fortuna Investments
Designation: Director - Fortuna Investments

Tim Shepherd is the founder and Director of Fortuna Investments. Fortuna invests in small to medium gaming projects across the Asia Pacific, predominantly in South East Asia including gaming clubs in Vietnam and electronic gaming in Laos and Cambodia.

Fortuna is also active in the US Pacific (land-based) and in South Asia (online sports betting). Tim is the co-founder of ASX-listed Silver Heritage Group.

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Investing in the Mekong: Gaming & Hospitality | 投资湄公河地区:博彩与酒店业

10 September 2019 (11:00 - 12:00)

Myanmar, Laos - Measuring the Potential | 沉睡的巨龙——缅甸、老挝

10 September 2019 (16:00 - )